SARAH ~ ELI, Bannockburn

Between the rows of grapevines, between the cicadas and the quiet, between the dawn & the dusk, we got to witness a little bit of magic.

Filming Sarah & Eli’s day was a masterclass in witnessing an unashamed, wholehearted kinda love be celebrated in the most honest, simple way.

These guys know how to live out loud – bringing their two families together made for a day of too many bodies flying through the air (literally) and a heck of a lot of dancing – and eating – like no one was watching.

Set in the stunning Clyde Park Vineyard, we spent the day with the sun on our faces and the raucous sounds of family & friends in our ears.

It was a reminder that between life’s planning & the implementing, between work & play, between waking up & winding down, there shouldalways be a space for the ‘just me & you’.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Stewart Leishman
Venue | Clyde Park
Flowers | Georgie Boy
Dress | KWH
Suit | Calibre