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The average person waits 30 years to get engaged. They usually wait five years to get married. Most wedding days last for eight hours. And yet, you blink, and it’s all over.

We believe your wedding day can span lifetimes, if it’s remembered correctly. And we don’t mean through your blurry memories of the day’s events (was our wedding cake vanilla bean or lemon buttercream?) We mean through art that freezes in time every emotion, every friend or family member, every iconic dancefloor moment, every cultural tradition, every tiny thing that you didn’t notice on the day but looking back now, it means the world. This is a wedding film. Every time you watch it, it’s like reliving the greatest day of your life, over and over, experiencing the exact same feelings, with your favourite person by your side. We hate to use the word ‘style’, but if we had to describe it — this would be it. This is what we aim for.

Tango Films began in 2014 as a way to translate our love for art, design, film and culture into the world of weddings. Alternative, cinematic and lovely stories, inspired by these creative passions, were always at the core. We push boundaries, celebrate rawness, harness the power of music, add a healthy dose of drama and tell your story exactly as you’ve felt it. Our films are about this, and so much more.

Mostly, it’s about the people. The incredible, kind, unique, wild, beautiful, funny, real people we’ve had the pleasure of befriending with along the way. Make no mistake: on your wedding day, we're a part of your family — this is our secret to creating the ultimate memoir of your day, and your love. We feel insanely lucky that we get to experience everything that you are together as a couple, and capture it too. For us, it’s kind of magic, and exactly why we do what we do.


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