When you’ve been together for half a lifetime, a wedding seems like the cherry on top of a pretty spectacular cake.

And watching Claire & James get hitched was no exception.

Some couples belong together in a way that just makes perfect sense; the day we got to officially ‘Meet the Cleeves’ was a day where all the stuff that truly mattered just clicked into place.

With belly laughs and bellies full, you could have cut the love in the room with a knife and served it for dessert. Now, can he cook? No. Does she appreciate that a good *cough* expensive *cough* pair of sneakers are actually an investment? Nope. Does it matter? Heck no! If you can remember awkward chats together on MSN Messenger (all the 80s & 90s kids to the front), you know you’re in it for the long haul.

So what does matter? In James’ own words: to be happy & successful together. And we think that is the most perfect, simple answer anyone could have, because both of those things are the ultimate goal for all of us.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Dan Brannan
Venue | Tanglewood Estate
Celebrant | Benn Stone
Stylist | Weddings of Desire
Dress | One Day Bridal
Suit | MJ Bale
Catering | Mr Hall
Entertainment | Rutherford
Signage | Sketch and Etch