It all started with a choreographed bride tribe dance. There was champagne. There were bath robes. They were performing on a bed. And the wedding hadn’t even started yet. That’s how we knew we were in for a treat with Shauna + Daniel.

Their day didn’t slow down from there, either. In fact, it accelerated. It was high vibes, loud music and one huge party, from start to finish. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the celebrant make a beer bong reference AND encourage high kicks. Phew!

If there was one thing that managed to fill the room more than the energy, it was most definitely the *love*. Family was a big part of this day, from the Macedonian traditions, to the heartfelt speeches, to the little candid moments we shot when no one thought we were looking… You’ll feel it through the screen, and if you don’t, watch it again.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Katie Harmsworth
Blog | Ivory Tribe

Image courtesy of Katie Harmsworth.


APPA Silver Award 2019