SARI ~ MARK, Sorrento

“And then he met Sari…”. Isn’t that how all the best love stories begin? Two unsuspecting people are going about life, oblivious to the big-bang moment that lies around the corner. Then, BOOM. There it is. There they are. It’s a surprise neither of them saw coming, and one that vowed to change their lives forever.

Surprises. That was kind of the theme of the Sari and Mark’s wedding. They punctuated the day like little unexpected bursts of coloured confetti, startling the guests and making them laugh.

There was the groom’s introduction — a bongo drum rendition of Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler — sung by his co-MCs. There was a resurrected poem penned by Mark for his sister’s wedding not too long ago, which warned his parents “mum and dad, you better save this, because your son’s not getting married for a while.” (Guess they had the last laugh there). And then there was that impromptu performance that the bride won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Come to think of it, neither will we.

It was the most magical day in Sorrento celebrating love — and more importantly, the day Sari got her Ferrari — with a big bunch of new friends.


Cinema | Tango Films
Photos | Katie Harmsworth
Dress | One Day Bridal