JENNA ~ JAMIE, Sth Melbourne

The year was 2012. The place? Somewhere in Europe. Jenna — aka Princess Puddleduck — was wrapping up her backpacking trip when she heard about a blue-eyed boy with a sparkling smile all the way in Australia. His name was Jamie, but everyone called him Mr Scrumptious. Princess Puddleduck returned from her adventures, and they met in a Kings Cross nightclub. The rest, as they say, is history.

A few years later and still madly in love, Princess Puddleduck and Mr Scrumptious tied the knot at Luminaire in South Melbourne, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Their special day was one hell of a party — just the way they like it. In fact, there was so much energy, laughter, love, dancing and happiness in the air, it’s lucky they got married on a rooftop.

From the moment we met Jenna and Jamie, we could feel their love for life — and one another. We just know Princess Puddleduck and Mr Scrumptious are going to live happily ever after. Here’s to them!


Cinema | Tango Films
Photos | APL
Celebrant | Chris Johnson
Venue | Luminaire
Dress | Jason Grech
Stylist | Tori Allen
Entertainment | Andrew Loadsman + Rutherford