If finding happiness is the ultimate goal in life, then for Meg and Andy, the best years of their lives is only just about to begin. A love story that’s filled with so much intelligence, so much humour, and just the most adorable French Bulldog… what could be more perfect than that?

I once read a wonderful quote that goes: ‘A beautiful woman can be a man’s biggest weakness. A smart woman can be his greatest ally. Finding a woman who is both is a man’s biggest luck’. And while Andy is surely aware that he is one heck of a lucky bloke, Meg on the other hand is also now the proud wife to just about most genuine guy I have met.

You know how sometimes in life, you meet people who are just so nice, so so nice, that you find yourself chuckling and shaking your head in disbelief. You’re grinning, and in your head you’re just going… ‘wow!’.

Yup! That was Meg and Andy, and frankly, I’m just so glad those two got married because damn they make a great couple!

Nuff’ said.

 Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Katie Harmsworth
Venue | Keeyuga by Heartwood
Bridal Gown | Luci Di Bella
Suit | Institchu
Florals | Mary Mary Studio
Cake | Miss Ladybird Cakes
Makeup + Hair | Ashley Carpenter
Catering | Blakes Feast

Tune | Bag Raiders – Huge shoutout to the lads for allowing us to use their lit tune ‘Shooting Stars’