Mary ~ Luke



How do you know you’re in love? The standard answer is “you just know”. And to a point, that’s true. But there other, tiny telltale signs that are more romantic, and more unique to the couple. That’s where the magic lies. 

For Luke and Mary, it’s a 5-page letter that changed a life — or two. It’s the feeling of wanting to ride your bike home that little bit faster, just because you know your person is there. And it’s having the balls to sing a love song (mind you, a hilarious one) in front of 125 people when you’re current record is five — just to see her smile. It’s these little details that gave us a peek into Luke and Mary’s destined love for one another... and made us fall in love with them a bit too.

This Yarra Valley wedding - which was shot alongside one of our favourites, Dan Brannan — was one of best friends, high vibes, raw emotion, great dancing and too much energy to even fit into one video. A bit like Legendmary herself.


Cinema | Tango Films
Photos | Dan Brannan
Celebrant | Sarah Marie Tulley
Venue | Coombe Yarra Valley
Dress | With Love by Mallika