Time Magazine, in August 2015, wrote that a couple that laugh together, stay together. That statement was backed up by three different university studies, all testifying that the giggles keep the romance going.

We didn’t need Time Magazine, or stuffy universities to tell us that though. Kaela and Damon were walking proof of this, because, man, from filming to editing, our cheeks and jaws never felt that sore, and it was hard work controlling from bursting out in laughter.

That was the hardest part of the job that day when Kaela and Damon became man and wife. Oh, there was also the bit where we tried to master our skills in mini golf, and how we managed to get three rings successfully around the peg at the ring toss game. Winning.

But seriously, Kaela and Damon, what a celebration, what a couple, and what a truly, madly, deeply, amazing wedding.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Raspberry Robot
Venue | Laurens Hall
Brides Dress | Needle & Thread
Suit | Briggins
Florals | Cecilia Fox