1,462 days. 2,103,804 minutes.

That’s how long Hannah & Kieran have been living the good life in each other’s presence, now together with their
son. We were fortunate enough to be there, camera at the ready, when this little family of three decided to take the leap into their next adventure.

This was an elopement with all the bells & whistles stripped away – no big white dress, no fanfare, no glamorous
venue. They simply didn’t need it, for in their eyes they have more that money can buy. This special occasion was
stunning in it’s rawness & authenticity – we were welcomed in to a beautiful small family gathering to celebrate the finer things in life, on a pretty amazing cliff.

Days like these show us of what truly matters: family, friends, the sand and the sun –
It’s the simple things that count the most.

Cinematography & Photography | Tango Films