Where do you draw the line between a wedding, and a bloody amazing party?

Sure there was a dazzling bride (flaunting her Marianna Hardwick number), and yes, a rather dapper looking groom (suave in Carn Nave, no less). And indeed, there was plenty of kissing, and longing looks into each other eyes… but never mind that.

Let’s focus on what’s important here – possibly the most fun St Kilda has seen in decades, and an evening that will go down in the history books as the party of the Summer of ’17.

I mean… come on!

A soul band perched on a rooftop by the bay, champagne flowing to guitar and songs… and just when everyone was feeling all loved up and romantic, a DJ (Cherry Love) shows up to finish the night on an absolute high. Ties were undone, heels were unstrapped, and we were all transported into a dizzy fantasy of frivolous fun. On the perfect summer’s night, with beautiful bodies burning up the dancefloor, Cara & Mitch became man and wife in the manner only deserved of the coolest couple I’ve ever known.

Yeezy would’ve been proud.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Michelle Grace Hunder
Venue | Circa
Bridal Gown | Mariana Hardwick
Suit | Carl Nave
Florals | Loose Leaf
Cake | Sticky Fingers

Band | Kooyeh

DJ | Cherry Love