Mellissa + Tyler, VIC

“I Tyler choose you Mellissa to be no other but yourself. I’ll comfort you, protect you, love you and support you… adore everything about you… even when you are hangry or haven’t had your morning coffee.”

That’s a mighty big call! At Tango we don’t adore anything until we’ve had at least one coffee. Hello, we’re from Melbourne!

But on this occasion even we are willing to make an exception for a couple this cute. One of our most-fave weddings ever, Mell + Tyler did not stop making each other laugh the entire day – and that joy was contagious.

Set at Baxter Barn, on the Mornington Peninsula, this stunning little site shone by day and sparkled by night, then was lit even brighter by the massive smiles of Mell + Tyler’s adoring friends and fam. A sweet and simple outdoor ceremony brought tears to everyone’s with heartfelt and funny personalised vows, before the kiwi crew moved indoors to show us how you completely rock a reception. And that’s where Mell’s Mum dropped the bomb, maybe the singing-dancing-entourage would be growing: “May Mellissa and Tyler’s offspring be plenty so to carry on our awesomeness into the future.” 

We couldn’t agree more, M+T; the world could only be awesomer with more humans like you. We humbly thank you for letting us tell your story. TF x

Cinematography Tango Films
Photography Sabine Legrand
Venue Baxter Barn
Dress Karen Willis Holmes


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