Ellie + Declan // The Stable Co, Sale

You’d never guess that Ellie and Declan have been together for a decade now. They playfully tease each other like cheeky teenagers, and you catch Declan’s eyes linger over Ellie like a giddy schoolboy.

Spending time with Ellie and Declan, we learnt so much.
We learnt that love, beyond elaborate gestures and the glittery fanfare, is about building a family, and being beautiful parents. We learnt that love is rubbing your husband’s head till he falls asleep, or simply telling your wife every day that she is, and always will be, the prettiest girl in the room. We learnt that after 10 years, waking up each day with the person you love still makes every morning feel like a brand new adventure.

We learnt that the love between two soul mates knows no time.
As Ellie and Declan danced into the night as newly weds, we just know that for this seasoned couple, the most exciting days of their lives is only just beginning.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Wedding Stylist + Florals | Pollen and Patina

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