This is one for the record books.
Painfully stylish and dapper. Yet, so casually cool and full of suave. If there ever was a movie made about Lovers in Melbourne, Alex and Nick would play the starring roles.
This wedding was a dream come true for the couple, but more than that, it was a symbol of true love that breaks down barriers and overcomes prejudices. Alex and Nick’s wedding celebrated love, in its purest, simplest and limitless form, and it was an inspiration and a calling for all to fight for love.
It was an absolute honour to be invited into the beautiful world of Alex and Nick. It was a sheer delight working with such a genuine and happy pair of lovebirds. And it was so hard, fighting back tears as the two showed the world why marriage, and love, belonged to all lovers.
Now, joined in heart and soul, forever, as husbands, we wish Alex and Nick the most blessed of marriage, and may their marriage and joyous celebration pave the way for many more brave same-sex couples to declare their love in just the way they want.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Bek Smith
Suits | Oscar Hunt Tailors
Venue | Ceremony – Siglo Bar, Dinner – Tea Room by Spring Street Events
Bridal Party | Rachel Gilbert & Ralph Lauren
Florals | May Vine
Celebrant | Rita Cohann Celebrant
Planner | Mr Theodore


Time Magazine, in August 2015, wrote that a couple that laugh together, stay together. That statement was backed up by three different university studies, all testifying that the giggles keep the romance going.

We didn’t need Time Magazine, or stuffy universities to tell us that though. Kaela and Damon were walking proof of this, because, man, from filming to editing, our cheeks and jaws never felt that sore, and it was hard work controlling from bursting out in laughter.

That was the hardest part of the job that day when Kaela and Damon became man and wife. Oh, there was also the bit where we tried to master our skills in mini golf, and how we managed to get three rings successfully around the peg at the ring toss game. Winning.

But seriously, Kaela and Damon, what a celebration, what a couple, and what a truly, madly, deeply, amazing wedding.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Raspberry Robot
Venue | Laurens Hall
Brides Dress | Needle & Thread
Suit | Briggins
Florals | Cecilia Fox


Where do you draw the line between a wedding, and a bloody amazing party?
Sure there was a dazzling bride (flaunting her Marianna Hardwick number), and yes, a rather dapper looking groom (suave in Carn Nave, no less). And indeed, there was plenty of kissing, and longing looks into each other eyes… but never mind that.
Let’s focus on what’s important here – possibly the most fun St Kilda has seen in decades, and an evening that will go down in the history books as the party of the Summer of ’17.
I mean… come on!
A soul band perched on a rooftop by the bay, champagne flowing to guitar and songs… and just when everyone was feeling all loved up and romantic, a DJ (Cherry Love) shows up to finish the night on an absolute high. Ties were undone, heels were unstrapped, and we were all transported into a dizzy fantasy of frivolous fun. On the perfect summer’s night, with beautiful bodies burning up the dancefloor, Cara & Mitch became man and wife in the manner only deserved of the coolest couple I’ve ever known.
Yeezy would’ve been proud.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Michelle Grace Hunder
Venue | Circa
Bridal Gown | Mariana Hardwick
Suit | Carl Nave
Florals | Loose Leaf
Cake | Sticky Fingers
Band | Kooyeh

This isn’t the cute fairytale that little girls dreamed off. This isn’t about quiet giggles or shy glances.
This was about Passion, and Power, and that Potent Energy when two people so synced and so perfect for each other join hands, and join hearts.
Love can indeed be soft and sweet, but not this love.
This love, shared between Krista and Paul, is electric.
It sizzled, it blazed, and it sent shockwaves to everyone in their vicinity throughout the day and into the night. Their love felt like it was written in the stars, two kindred spirits joining forces, and their lives now complete.
Like a mighty King lost in the beauty and magnificence of his new Queen, it was like magic watching the two dance into the sunset, awaiting grand tales to be told of their destined romance.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | John Deer
Venue | Encore, St. Kilda
Bridal Gown | Cappellazzo Couture
Suit | P. Johnson Tailors
Florals | Botanics Melbourne
Cake | Bake & Co
Makeup + Hair | Stephanie Sin & Julie Quattro
Band | Tom Barton Music

If finding happiness is the ultimate goal in life, then for Meg and Andy, the best years of their lives is only just about to begin. A love story that’s filled with so much intelligence, so much humour, and just the most adorable French Bulldog… what could be more perfect than that?

I once read a wonderful quote that goes: ‘A beautiful woman can be a man’s biggest weakness. A smart woman can be his greatest ally. Finding a woman who is both is a man’s biggest luck’. And while Andy is surely aware that he is one heck of a lucky bloke, Meg on the other hand is also now the proud wife to just about most genuine guy I have met.
You know how sometimes in life, you meet people who are just so nice, so so nice, that you find yourself chuckling and shaking your head in disbelief. You’re grinning, and in your head you’re just going… ‘wow!’.
Yup! That was Meg and Andy, and frankly, I’m just so glad those two got married because damn they make a great couple!
Nuff’ said.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Katie Harmsworth
Venue | Keeyuga by Heartwood
Bridal Gown | Luci Di Bella
Suit | Institchu
Florals | Mary Mary Studio
Cake | Miss Ladybird Cakes
Makeup + Hair | Ashley Carpenter
Catering | Blakes Feast
Tune | Bag Raiders – Huge shoutout to the lads for allowing us to use their lit tune ‘Shooting Stars’

They say when you share something you love, the joy multiplies. I am so happy to give you both the gift of sharing your wedding day with everyone again. May the joy continue to multiply & may the memories only become sweeter.

I love you both xxx

– Stephanie Haddon (Maid of Honour & Sister to the Bride)


Traditionally, we’ve had a particular style here at Tango. But just as every relationship is different, so is every wedding and it’s our responsibility to adapt and create a film that genuinely reflects our unique couples.

Tim + Dee aren’t your typical Gen-Y lovebirds. They’re traditional, they’re mature, and boy, are they stylish. On the big day, Tim looked sharp as a tack and Dee was absolutely stunning. So stunning even the weather didn’t dare let her down, with their Docklands ceremony perfectly lit under blue skies. And what a reception. Normally, we let speeches act as the storyteller to our films, but it turns out the Albanians prefer to express themselves on the dance floor! We were grateful to witness the incredible connection of this big, beautiful group congregating together hand-in-hand, singing and dancing the night away. We learnt that love does not need words, because we sure felt it without them! 

We’ve handcrafted this short feature. Some call it cinematic, but at the end of the day it’s simply a reflection of this beautiful couple.

Thanks for having us. TFx

Cinematography: Tango Films
Photography: Eye to Eye
Ceremony: Central Pier, Docklands – Sketch
Reception: Central Pier, Docklands – Peninsula
Music Licensing: The Music Bed