It’s obvious, we love a traditional wedding.

They’re super energetic and boast an abundance of emotion.

The waving of flags, the sparkle of beauty and the pounding sound of the drums are only some of the ingredients.

Alicia + Stefan’s big hoorah incorporated all this and more. Not to mention the axe flying across the room from time to time.

What. A. Day. Thanks for having us.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Jesse Hisco


She was the Queen who commanded the gaze and attention of everyone present.

Elegant, sultry, and with her glorious crown, Elise stole the breaths of all who laid eyes on her, and captured the heart of Angus.

Angus, standing tall, King of the Castle, had a look of disbelief as he watched his bride approach. All that beauty must’ve been too much for him to handle!

Its hard to decide whether to laugh or cry when witnessing a moment like this. You want to laugh, at Angus’ silly love-struck face, but you also fight to hold back tears, realising that right in front of you stands two people who have found their other half, the prince charming for the blushing princess.

Elise calls Angus her fairy-tale ending, but I reckon there’s a deeper love story just waiting to be written, with this husband and wife duo ready to create their own happily ever after.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Bek Smith
Venue | Point Napean, Portsea
Brides Dresses | Silvana Tedesco & Collette Dinnigan
Florals | Ivy & Eve Flowers
Styling | Harper & Co Events
Makeup | Skye Isabella


Steph and Andrew are known as ‘The Power Couple’ to their friends, and its easy to see why.
She’s outgoing, has a killer smile, and drop dead gorgeous. He’s tall, dark and oh-so-charming. And together, they look like they could conquer the world.
And yet, beneath their perfect package, they do let slip the softness and the tender love they share.
We still get goosebumps watching Steph enter the church, her proud father by her side, a scene so beautiful, so graceful, and so delicate. And just like Andrew, we find ourselves blinking back tears.
We also caught Steph’s voice starting to quiver as she tells her new husband that she knew, from the age of 16, that Andrew would be the man she marries. Even Hollywood couldn’t write a script more romantic!
With the waves of Barwon Heads as our backdrop, the celebrations that night rose to a fiery crescendo, fuelled by the excitement and joy that everyone shared for this new couple. And just like the magical sparklers that bid the couple farewell, we just know that for Steph and Andrew, the sparkle and glow of their romance will continue to burn bright into their new adventure together.


Cinematography | Tango Films
Photography | Erin + Tara
Venue | The Heads, Bellarine Peninsula
Bridal Gown | Steven Khalil
Florals | Moss Industry
Cake | The Party Style Co
Makeup + Hair | Kristina Canzoneri
Styling | Chic by Cara

You’d never guess that Ellie and Declan have been together for a decade now. They playfully tease each other like cheeky teenagers, and you catch Declan’s eyes linger over Ellie like a giddy schoolboy.

Spending time with Ellie and Declan, we learnt so much.
We learnt that love, beyond elaborate gestures and the glittery fanfare, is about building a family, and being beautiful parents. We learnt that love is rubbing your husband’s head till he falls asleep, or simply telling your wife every day that she is, and always will be, the prettiest girl in the room. We learnt that after 10 years, waking up each day with the person you love still makes every morning feel like a brand new adventure.

We learnt that the love between two soul mates knows no time.
As Ellie and Declan danced into the night as newly weds, we just know that for this seasoned couple, the most exciting days of their lives is only just beginning.

Cinematography | Tango Films
Wedding Stylist + Florals | Pollen and Patina

“Love isn’t always perfect, it isn’t a fairy tale and it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go.

“Love is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without.”

Indeed, as these wise words of the groom’s father echoed through the hall, everyone fell silent and took a moment to reflect on the meaning of love.

And then, you catch a tear trickling down Steph’s eyes, and you see Nath blinking furiously, trying to maintain his composure. And in that moment, you know, that this is the definition of love, and that these two lovers are fighters to the end.

Steph and Nath’s wedding day was just perfect. 

It was the stunning florals; the luscious dark magenta lipstick on Steph; the intricate ringbox that housed the diamond ring; the rustic cake overflowing with flowers; the glorious gardens of Abbortsford Convent… the beauty in all the details, however, still paled in comparison to the beauty of the love that Steph and Nath shared.

They were a silly couple, our favourite sort. But beneath the jokes, laughs and witty words, Nath’s tear-filled eyes and Steph’s glowing smiles gave away just how in love the two of them were. They were one another’s ‘perfect someone’… you can just see it, and you can definitely feel it.

Cinematography Tango Films
Photography I Got You Babe Weddings
Venue Abbotsford Convent
Prop Hire My Sweet Event
Vocals Lark Music

The heavens opened and holy water poured down, blessing Sandrine and Domenic on their wedding day. On paper, it looked like every couple’s worst nightmare – thunderstorms, dark clouds, and even a little hail. But within the walls of St.Mary’s Church and Sandringham Yacht Club, magic was brewing. As the storms rolled in, the joy of this couple grew and spread to all their loved ones. And as rain pelted down, it provided the perfect backdrop and symphonic rhythm to the party inside. The Italians did the Tarantella, the Mauritians showed off their Sega moves, and Sandrine and Domenic proved that indeed, their love was strong enough to weather any storm, and their happiness glowed through the night.

Cinematography Tango Films
Photography Elleni Toumpas | Photographer
Venue Sandringham Yacht Club Events
Dress Kenneth Winston
Flowers Williams Florist
Hair + Makeup Tahlia Jayde


There was laughter. There was rhythm, music, and the pounding of drums. But above all, there was love. As Steph pounced on Chris right in front of the priest, planting the biggest kiss on her new husband, there was love. As Chris melted into his beaming bride’s eyes as they met on the dance floor, there was love. And with the hundreds of kisses shared that special day, between lovers, between family, and between friends, there was so much love on Steph and Chris’ big day, and it was infectious. The Tango team fell in love with photographer Dean Raphael the moment we shook hands. We clicked, and we kept on clicking. Together, we immersed ourselves into the passion of the celebrations. We embraced the glorious sunshine, we braved the storm clouds, and we worked our magic on the D-floor.


Cinematography / Tango Films
Photography / Dean Raphael
Venue / Stones of the Yarra Valley
Flowers / Kate Hill
Dress / Luci DiBella
Hair / Karlose Hair
Makeup / Hilary Holmes


“I knew Lucy was in love when she changed football teams from the Demons to Richmond, much to Dad’s disappointment.”

This movie had our entire studio in tears, and personifies the pendulum that swung between heartfelt laughter and heartfelt tears right throughout Lucy + Troy’s big day.

Before kick-off, we found the laidback boys chipping around with golf clubs in the backyard and at first glance the groom seemed to be taking it all in his stride – that is until he unwrapped the gift from his soon-to-be wife. With trembling hands, he opened his personalised pocket watch…it was going to take a few Corona’s to shake these nerves off.

The girls were a completely different story. Bright, bubbly and full of life, the bridal party looked stunning dressed in matching lilac gowns – but none shining more brightly than the breathtaking bride.

At the ceremony, located at the Eagle Ridge Golf course, guests awaited her arrival by the romantic gazebo flanked by rose gardens, lakes and rolling green lawns. A cinematic landscape complemented by the bride’s Hollywood-glamour and Troy’s humble expression.

Not unexpectedly with this off-beat bride and groom, the photo-shoot was fun filled as the bridal crew zipped around in golf carts and a wild reception followed, but there was a backstory – a deeper undercurrent – to all these shenanigans that would touch any heart and we were so proud to help tell it.

A story of triumph, rising strong and celebrating the love and joy of finding the ‘one’, and we thank you – the Peninsula’s own Beyoncé and Jay Z – for inviting us to capture such a special piece of the tale. TFx

Cinematography – Tango Films
Photography – In Photography by Michelle Pragt
Venue – Eagle Ridge, Mornington Peninsula
Cake – Peninsula Cake Art
Flowers – Hello Blossoms
Bridal Lingerie – Homebodii
Dress – Berta Bridal by Raffeal Ciucca
Hair – Belle a Paris
Makeup – Sallie

Image courtesy of In Photography by Michelle Pragt. View more photo’s here.


This addition to our love library has a massive case of synchronicity featuring the number 5. Today marks five years since these two gracious souls made their love official so we wanted to say a big ”kudos” and surprise them with their feature film.

Five months ago (there it is again) Tango Films went official with Bianca + Dan, as we started our wedding videographer relationship. Since then, we’ve basically got a whole lot more serious, becoming great mates through the entire experience because, frankly, we had so much fun. As celebrant Damon Hughes describes, “They’re unbreakable and unflappable, they cannot be flapped!”

The unflappable fairy-tale wedding took place at Montsalvat Castle in Eltham and Bianca did not disappoint in her role as the princess, lighting up the room in a glittering Craig Braybrook dress. As she walked down the aisle, heads turned, smiles smiled, and Dan cried. It was a perfect moment, forever treasured by all.

Outside, Melbourne was doing its 4-seasons-in-one-day trick. The bride cursed the rain while, selfishly, we were thrilled by filming in filtered light. Plus, umbrella props…awesome! So we pushed through and started shooting inside until, halfway through, a beam of sunlight shone through…

“It’s sun. RUN!”

The end result was a gorgeous array of shots inside and out, with rain and sunshine, and consistent laughter and love throughout. Our wish for this unbreakable couple is many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of your signature love and laughter.

Thanks for having us, TF x

Lochie’s pick: Don’t miss my highlight of the day when mid-way through their first dance the DJ drops a hip-hop beat and Bi + Dan really get the party started. Yewww!

Cinematography: Tango Films
Photography: Love Katie + Sarah
Venue: Monsalvat, Eltham



“When you look at me and smile, I feel like I’m the only person in your world.” – Janetta

From the moment these soul mates stepped into our studio, we knew we were being invited to be a part of something special.

Set in a timber barn/chapel by the lake in sunny Sault, Daylesford, we experienced their love and laughter in light and swept up in the scent of country lavender.

Thank you, Janetta + Danny, for opening your hearts and sharing your world with us on your special day.

Cinematography: Tango Films
Photography: Frame & Bloom
Venue: Sault, Daylesford